Monday, January 10, 2011

Perfectionism Sucks the Life out of Living!

The latest video stomp by the Gravestomper that discusses the dangers of Perfectionism...


  1. Great video! I too am in marketing and there is no way I could only proof twice. Our institution is associated with me even the smallest mistake lands me a world of hurt from many english teachers. Probably the main thing about my job that drives me nuts :D

    But I work with it and it is what it we focus on the positive....that is why I love your blog.

    Keep it up. Thanks so much.


  2. Hi, I followed your link here, from a comment that you posted on the article called "why people hate self-published authors" .. I previously commented on the article, myself, quite a long time ago, and for some reason have found myself at the article again, reading your comment. You SO ROCK! I LOVE that comment! Complete, totally PRECISE! Bravo! Bravo! Paris Hilton isn't a better writer that Edgar Allen Poe! I agree with that! :) :)