Thursday, July 15, 2010

Identity: It'll Hang You Up Every Time!!

A stomp thru an incredible Chicago area cemetery that inspires questions about identity that will motivate you to get off the ouch. Get out there. And get stomping!


  1. Great stomp!!

    When I talk to people about my hobby (display) I am quick to say that what I originally created has definitely taken a life of its own and involves many people all around me. It is now more them than me.

    The only time that bothers me is when I think I have to take control. :) When I stop for a moment and take myself less serious I truly understand what the whole project means....and I can serve it best by letting it be collective process that it is. It is bigger than me and that is a good thing....a very good thing.

    Thanks for being the inspiration that you are!


  2. I think you've hit on something enormous here: taking yourself less seriously. It's something we could all use more of. I think that one deserves a stomp! :)--thanks for your great comments, Chris!

  3. Excellent stomp Corin,

    I often wonder *who* really lies beneath the name and the date. What they did, how they lived, what made them laugh and who they loved.....
    are they easily forgotten or long remembered and whose hearts and memories do they continue to live on in.....
    When I've finished passing through this life, I would just like to look back and think that I moved the world one step on, maybe not a big step but enough to have made a difference to someone somewhere.......

  4. You know how you do that? ACTION! Make every moment count ;) Live in the moment and work to make a positive impact on those you come in contact with!

  5. That mausoleum from 2007 is mind-blowing. I can't believe people still build those. And for what? Do we have any idea who that is and what they did with their life? Because that is what one's legacy should be, not that they could afford the expensive columns at the funeral shop.

  6. I like what Holisticrocs said... "what made them laugh". I think that laughter reveals a lot of the true person beneath, the one hidden beneath the "identity" and image we're all trying to project. What makes someone full-on belly laugh shows a lot more to me about them than anything they could ever say. Any chance you've seen any stones about what makes someone laugh, how they laugh and how their laughter affects those around them?