Thursday, November 12, 2009

Be open to Surprise

Adventure through this wonderful little cemetery in Lake County, IL with Gravestomper, Corin White, who encounters a surprise when he arrives...


  1. Speaking of paranormal encounters, I've never been hit but have had plenty of encounters before. Actually had 2, what I believe to be paranormal, last week in my parents house. The first one was while I was sleeping one night and I woke up to an erie feeling and got 3 chills up my spine...but since I was still half asleep I just tried rolling over and falling asleep. After laying there for a couple minutes I swear I heard a full sentence said right next to me, I couldn't make out the words though, with no one in my room. Then 2 nights later, at 1-2 am, I was sitting on the floor petting my cat when I heard a thump come from downstairs so I went to check it out and the kitchen light was on, which it's motion sensored and dims down after only a minute or so. My parents were in bed and my cat had been with me for at least the past 5 minutes. Other then that I saw an apparition once in Palatine before one of my friends told me that a person died in the house I saw the apparition in front of. Too bad I don't have any proof of these being actual paranormal events, but after doing all of my research on the paranormal for the past couple months I'm pretty sure I'm reopening my third eye.

    I also have some more suggestions of small graveyards. There's a couple good ones by where I live, in Wheeling. Just going down Dundee you run into around 5 of them. Starting at the Wheeling Cemetery at Dundee and Wolf rd, going all the way into Northbrook. There's also a nice large cemetery in Des Planes, River rd and Central, called All Saints Cemetery that I tend to get erie feelings when ever I drive by. You may want to check out some of these.

  2. Thanks for the sharing those experiences! I know others have had similar experiences. I will definately check those graveyards out. Now--who else wants to share?

  3. Hey there! It's Chellemo from twitter. I was just wondering if you have ever done any stomping in Indiana. I don't know a whole lot about the area where I live now (North Carolina) But being born and raised in Indiana I know what an amazing treasure of older cemeteries Indiana has to offer. I'm most familiar with the Henry County area. I enjoyed your video. I'd love to see Grass Lake sometime.